How to Make Easter Extra Sweet This Year – Take a Short Walk to Reading Terminal Square

Like all of the holidays in the last year, Easter 2021 is set to be a different sort of event—you may be comfortable gathering in small groups or you may just want to stick around your 1500 Locust apartment this year. No matter how you’re marking the occasion, there’s one element any Easter celebration needs: chocolate! Those who celebrate likely remember the excitement of Easter mornings filled with tons of sugar—so even if your holiday looks a little different this year, you can always revisit the fun of your youth with some sweet treats.

There are plenty of options to do that right near your 1500 Locust apartment, including Sweet as Fudge at the nearby Reading Terminal Market. Sweet as Fudge has more than 500 products so, no matter what satisfies your sweet tooth, you can find it here.

As its name suggests, fudge is a big seller at the shop. With about 20 rotating flavors available—many brimming with nuts, chocolate chips and marshmallows, you have plenty of options to stock your fridge and bring some to any Easter gathering you may be going to.

Sweet as Fudge sells dozens of premium chocolates, from covered caramels to molasses sponge to toffees. There are jellies and jujus, spicy treats and sour ones, and even sugar-free options. The shop offers more than two-dozen homemade options, where you can really see the creativity flourish in options like milk chocolate sea salt toffee and pecan brittle.

Its seasonal lineup is a great option for those looking for Easter treats like jelly beans and specially shaped chocolates. If you are going out this Easter, grab one of the shop’s specialty gift boxes to make a good impression on your host.

The pandemic has reshaped holidays lately but one constant remains: Chocolate makes every holiday, no matter how you spend it, a lot sweeter!

Sweet as Fudge

1136 Arch St.

Philadelphia, PA 19107