Celebrate July 4th with the Historical Society

This year’s Independence Day may look and feel a bit different—no big fireworks displays, parades or concerts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate our nation’s biggest day in a big way! Don your red, white and blue, crank up the A/C and raise a glass to American history, all without leaving your 1500 Locust apartment.

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania is a treasure trove of information about the nation’s history, and specifically the local region’s role in creating that history. While in-person operations aren’t yet fully up and running, the organization has a robust online presence, so you can do you part to educate yourself about how Philly helped fuel the founding of the nation, and you don’t even have to get off the couch in your 1500 Locust apartment!

There are three primary ways the Historical Society offers for online education:

Discover Online Catalogue: The catalogue features extensive histories from books, journals, pamphlets, newspapers, photographs, archival records and much more. Explore the catalogue with the user-friendly search function to find just what you’re looking for.

Digital Library: Walk back in time with an illustrative history of Pennsylvania and the United States in this library that features centuries-old photos and pictures of rare artifacts. Get up close and personal with a draft of the U.S. Constitution or dive into local folklore with photos of some of the first Mummers Parades.

Digital History Projects: Dive into multimedia exhibits that highlight particular people, places and events that have been momentous in local history, such as the Pennsylvania Abolition Society, early women’s rights activists and local participants in the Underground Railroad.


So this July 4th, embrace our newly virtual world and take some time to appreciate the history behind the holiday.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

1300 Locust St.

Philadelphia, PA 19107