Cure Your Cabin Fever at This Local Park

The last few months may have had you spending lots of time on the couch of your 1500 Locust apartment, but with spring soon turning into summer, there’s no better time to get out and about and enjoy sunshine in the city. While getting back to normal is going to take some time, a simple stroll in the park can still be a safe and healthy way to get a change of scenery and some exercise. And with all of the green spaces in Philadelphia, there are plenty of spots to choose from.  

One of the best places to take in the greenery is at Rittenhouse Square Park, two blocks from your 1500 Locust apartment. Rittenhouse may be surrounded by some of the city’s most prestigious buildings, offices, restaurants and more, but it’s also one of its most historic areas. It dates to the 1600s and was planned by Philadelphia’s founder, William Penn, as one of several original squares that defined the city.

Long diagonal pathways run the length of the park, offering you plenty of space to stroll while still giving you lots of personal space, and converge at a large central oval in the middle. A large reflecting pool and foundation offer an eye-catching centerpiece to the park and are surrounded by plenty of colorful flower beds and towering trees that provide ample shade as the weather gets warmer. While the natural beauties of the space provide lots to look at while you walk the dog or go for a jog, you can also slow down to appreciate the art that abounds: ornamental lamp posts, urns and plenty of historic sculptures, some of which date to the 1800s.

So lace up the sneakers, leash up the dog and head out of your 1500 Locust apartment to get a little fresh air, stretch your legs and get a taste of springtime in the city.

Rittenhouse Square Park

210 W. Rittenhouse Square

Philadelphia, PA 19103