Where to See Fall Leaves in Philly

It might seem like summer hasn’t yet faded from Philly, but fall is right around the corner! Along with the pumpkin spice, fall festivals and sweaters, one of the other things autumn is known for is its beautiful foliage, which is in full supply near your 1500 Locust apartment. Although we are in the heart of one of the nation’s biggest cities, Philly is a haven for lush, green spaces, which turn a range of beautiful hues as fall settles in.

If you don’t want to travel far from home in the sights of fall, consider a stroll over to John F. Collins Park, just three blocks from your 1500 Locust apartment. The park may be small but it delivers big when it comes to fall foliage. While many of the parks in Center City are historic, Collins Park is a newer green space, dating to the late 1970s. As such, it has a more modern feel, offering a quiet, serene respite from the hustle and bustle of the city’s business district.

Collins Park features an arrangement of stone planters, home to seasonal buds, and towering trees that give the park its secluded vibe. It’s a popular place for locals to relax with a book, have a quick lunch on a work break or take a breather on a weekend run through Center City, with benches placed throughout and several levels of stone seating. That setup makes it an ideal spot to take in the colors of the season, as you can kick back away from all the noise and reenergize yourself with a taste of nature—all just steps from the door of your 1500 Locust apartment.

So grab your favorite book, stake out a spot in the park and welcome fall at Collins Park!

John F. Collins Park

1707 Chestnut St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103