Meet Philly’s Newest Bar Crawl

The weather is turning colder, which might put a damper on the pub crawls that dominate the spring and summer months in Philly. However, one creative new crawl delivers year-round fun, as drinkers can enjoy several bars without ever stepping foot outside!


Porta and Brickwall Tavern, four blocks from your 1500 Locust apartment, have teamed up for The Twice is Right, a weekly indoor “bar crawl” held every Tuesday night at 5 p.m. Here’s how it works: Drinkers can stop by any of the four bars housed in the two establishments, grab a drink card and get it stamped at all four throughout the night. Once they receive their four stamps, they’re eligible to take a whirl on the prize wheel, which features everything from coupons for free drinks to gift cards and merchandise from the two pubs.


Even though the crawl will only take you to two venues, each of the space’s two bars are so unique that you’ll feel like you’ve hit up several different places. Porta’s “Fancy” Bar features beautiful archways, paintings and brass bar stools, while the “Classic” Bar is more modern, with long wooden tables, reclaimed wooden doors as décor and a rustic feel. Porta is attached to Brickwall, and its main bar features a collection of bar seating and vinyl booths, as well as flat-screen TVs. Its “Annex” is home to shuffleboard tables, high-top tables and low ceilings, giving off the impression of a laidback rec room. Between both venues, diners can stroll an impressive 20,000 square feet.


Tuesday nights feature Quizzo starting at 8 p.m., so get to the crawl early, grab your four drinks and your prizes and then put your minds together with your crew to compete for even more goodies. Pub crawl season may not return for a few more months, but that doesn’t mean the adventure has to end!



1216 Chestnut St.

Philadelphia, PA 19107



Brickwall Tavern

1213 Sansom St.

Philadelphia, PA 19107