Fringe Festival Returns to Philly

Summer may be just about over, but Philly stages are just heating up. The Fringe Festival is one of the most anticipated theater events of the year and it returns this month with hundreds of original and boundary-pushing productions, including dozens right near your 1500 Locust apartment.

Fringe keeps the definition of theater loose: While some shows take place in large, traditional theaters, others will be held at bars, in open-air spaces and even at individual homes. Fringe’s innovation and willingness to embrace unique, thought-provoking ways of expressing theater has made it a Philly favorite for years.

Here are some of the most unique shows setting up in venues near your 1500 Locust apartment:


Stiflers Dinge: A play with no actors? Sounds odd, but that’s exactly what “Stiflers Dinge” is doing. The production, by renowned theater artist Heiner Goebbels, features anything but people: mist, water, props, voice recordings and more designed to intrigue the senses, as the audience ponders the purposefully constructed sets on stage. The show will be held from Sept. 6-23 at the Navy Yard, about four miles from 1500 Locust apartment.


The Accountant: From Sept. 6-9, this one-man show will take over Christ Church, 1.5 miles from your 1500 Locust apartment. The production will poke fun at the trivialities of modern office work. A one-man show may sound challenging, but “The Accountant” uses slapstick humor and physical theater to invite the audience into his humorous musings. Anyone with a desk job can relate!


In Plain Air: Music lovers will have to schedule in a trip to see (or rather, hear) “In Plain Air” at Christ Church, 1.5 miles from your 1500 Locust apartment. The production features original compositions played on the 300-year-old historic church’s world-renowned 3,000-pipe organ. The world premiere will be held from Sept. 22-23.


The Navy Yard

Building 611

1120 Flagship Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19112



Christ Church

20 N. American St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106