Foodies Will ‘Love’ Philly’s Latest Restaurant

There’s a lot of love going around for an iconic local restauranteur latest venture.

The Love, four blocks from your 1500 Locust apartment, is the newest eatery from famed Philly foodie Stephen Starr, who teamed up with Aimee Olexy for the latest spot, which is getting rave reviews. So what is there to love at The Love?

A lot!

The restaurant is being billed as Rittenhouse’s official neighborhood eatery, a nod to its cozy, charming atmosphere. The two-level building is home to a bar and dining area on the first floor and smaller lounge and bar upstairs. There’s a casual vibe throughout, with farmhouse tables serving as a great spot for patrons to get to know their neighbors, or for a semi-private night out with a big group.

While the setting will draw you in, the menu will make you want to stay!

Dinner, dessert and drinks are all on tap at The Love, each menu focusing on seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

The New American food menu features lots of comfort dishes great for cold winter nights, like ricotta ravioli, spaghetti and lobster, New England scallops and buttermilk-fried chicken. Save room for desserts like salted-chocolate cake, the Cracker Jax sundae and cranberry brown butter bar. Wash it all down with one of the dozens of selections of wine from around the globe.

Both Starr and Olexy are award-winning restauranteurs, whose other spots are consistently ranked among the city’s best restaurants. With a team like that behind the menu, an amazing location right in the middle of Rittenhouse Square and a healthy dose of what they say is the most important ingredient — love — this is sure to be a recipe for success!



The Love

130 S. 18th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103