Historic Art Show Pops Up in Rittenhouse

If you’re into history or art (or both!), mark your calendar for the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show.

The massive art display is the oldest outdoor art show of its kind in the country, celebrating 90 years when it sets up shop Sept. 15-17. The celebrated event takes over Rittenhouse Square Park and the surrounding area, just three blocks from your 1500 Locust apartment.

Dozens of professional artists from around the country, including right here in Philly, will showcase and sell their unique work. No matter your art interest, you’ll be able to find a piece that suits your taste. The show is home to artists who work in oils and acrylics, drawings, mixed media, printmaking, sculpture and watercolors.

While many of the exhibitors are established artists, the show also invites students to share their work. Patronizing aspiring artists is a great way to encourage their work and also support their contributions to our city.

Students have actually been a key part of the show since its founding in 1928. The exhibition was initially called the “Clothespin Show” because it grew out of local art students sharing their works on clotheslines strung between trees in Rittenhouse Square Park. Now, the event is the premiere fine-arts showcase in the region, drawing thousands of visitors throughout the weekend, including well-known artists and local public officials.

While strolling the booths is an experience by itself, organizers of the show also stage several interactive opportunities, such as still-life and sketch demonstrations. Food, entertainment and more also await festival-goers.

If you’re looking for some new wall art for your 1500 Locust apartment — and the opportunity to see our local park in a national spotlight! — head out to the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show.


Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show

Sept. 15-17

Rittenhouse Square Park

210 W. Rittenhouse Square

Philadelphia, PA 19103