Travel Back in Time at Philly’s Newest Museum

We all know that our City of Brotherly Love played a vital part in the founding of our nation. But besides those icons of Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the house where Betsy Ross crafted the American flag, how much do we really know about Philadelphia’s role in our country’s beginnings?

The Museum of the American Revolution can soon answer those and many other questions. The much-anticipated museum will officially open its doors April 19, 242 years to the day after the start of the Revolutionary War. It’s just a 1-mile walk from your 1500 Locust apartment, but the museum walks you back hundreds of years in history, illustrating the triumphs and tragedies that marked the American colonists’ ultimately successful rebellion.

The museum’s permanent exhibits are divided into several time periods, taking visitors through the events leading up to, during and after the war. From gallery presentations to recreated historical scenes and authentic historic objects, the museum brings the Revolutionary War to life.

Walk through an interactive map of North America, highlighting the many diverse people who formed its fabric. Find yourself on a New York City street, as colonists around you begin the stirrings of revolt. Explore a floor-to-ceiling case of authentic 18th-century weapons used by Revolutionary War soldiers. See firsthand the conditions men endured on the battlefield at Valley Forge. Sit in a reproduction of George Washington’s chair as you learn about the battles that endured after the Revolutionary War came to a close.

History may not have been everyone’s favorite subject in school, but the Museum of the American Revolution isn’t your run-of-the-mill history lesson. The museum takes you out of the classroom and straight back to 1776 for an exciting and an enlightening look at the birth of our nation.


Museum of the American Revolution

101 S. Third St.